“A Decorative Collage/Assemblage Painting[ Title: Patterns of Blue]”

This collage/assemblage painting is tilted-patterns of blue with a dimension of 61.4cm/50cm. My work of Art is a combination of fabric and piece of bags. I used a yarn stain with blue oil paint to stitch the different patterns of materials together. The stitches are used to give my work a balance and harmony amongst the materials.

To all Art buyers [Art lovers], this Art is a homage to an artistic vision of the cubist movement in the 20th century abstract painters like Georges Braque and Picasso-who used found objects for painting and  geometric designs.

My inspiration for this Artwork is that- nothing is a waste, anything around you can be used as a medium of expression or reference [The Art of Recycling]. The piece of bags in my Artwork are the blue and yellow striped, they are called- “Ghana must go” traveling bags in my society [ Africa- Nigeria]. I was about disposing them because they were worn out, then i had a re-think that these bags can be put together with other fabric materials in my closet to create a beautiful composition.  This original Artwork is for sale at a very considerable price, to purchase the painting contact me through- raymonde234@yahoo.com


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