“Stylized Composition of Pretty Ladies in Vivid Colours [ Title- Omoge ]”

This art piece is a composition of geometric design and stylized figures with a dimension of 49.7cm/91.3cm. In my work I make use of stitches stain with yellow colours to harmonize the stylized figures with the geometric design in the background of my artwork.

My references for this composition is drawn from African idealistic,symbolic sculptural piece and 20th century abstract painters like Piet Mondrian,Picasso and George Braque based on their use of geometric shape and bold lines.

The title “Omoge” is a word used by the Yoruba tribe in my society [ Africa- Nigeria] to describe a young and pretty lady. In my work of art I express their attractive appearance on my two dimensional surface by the use of bold lines, vivid colours and dots. This original artwork is for sale at a very thoughtful price of $600, to purchase the painting contact me through- raymonde234@yahoo.com


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