” Purchase an African Cultural Motif Top(Design with Acrylic Paints) ”

The concept of this design is given a Traditional African Top a T-Shirt style or simplicity in other for it to fit into any kind of trousers. The design is achieve by Acrylic Painting of Repeated Motifs in Dots,Zigzag lines,Straight lines and Space. I build my design with the concept of Contrast i.e designing with a Bright Colours against a dark colour.

I am a Painter, i paint landscape,portrait,Motifs/Decorative Paintings,Collage etc but i love Fashion and Designing because of it’s diverse Style,Patterns,Texture and colours.

I could spend my whole day drawing Series of Designs for a top. I told myself I get to give fashion & designing a try, since I started in August last year it has been interesting and encouraging. The patronage is good compare to Painting on Canvass that comes once in a while.

Been an Artist is quit challenging especially when you have series of unsold artworks staring at you and no income to Purchase Art Materials to create New Art, its frustrating. An Artist have to think creatively and improvise in order to survive and to keep the passion burning. This are the reasons why i had to explore fashion & designing.

  ” Many time we are nearer our goal than we think we are, so never give up-persist. It is always too soon to quit ” Bill Norman. I love this quote it build my patience as an Artist


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