” Purchase an African Traditional Wear Design with Natural Colours(Pattern Painting on Fabric) “

The design for this African Cultural Pattern Fashion was inspired by the Limited Palette of African Earth Colours/Natural Colours.

Everyday containers,tools and utensils made from natural materials,such as wood,clay,leather or Natural Fibers (Raffia Cloth) provide an array of natural colour for this design.

The painting on this African Traditional Long Sleeve Fashion is heavily influenced by the Tonal Contrast of Nigeria Craft such as the Hausa/Fulani Leather Bags,Grass Weaved Basket and Mat,the Ibibio Cane chairs & Basket Weaving.

And Seed Pods which also display a range of natural and neutral tones. Nature is a rich reference of creativity,ideas and concept. Explore Nature and you would be amazed of what you can create.

My Samples of Painted Fabric Wear comes in different design,colour,size for male & female are For Sale at an Affordable Price. Contact- raymonde234@yahoo.com


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