” Sketches of African Symbols,Motifs,Patterns and Designs. For an African Cultural Wear. “

Sketches: A raw stage of a Visual concept. The artist first practical statement of an inspiration, The first hand writing of an artist.

A Sketch Pad: An artist diary or a place where inspirations,concept and ideas are dropped or placed for the next phase of development.

Sketch Pad: A book that speak volume of an artist state of mind. An Artist Poetry book full with various types of lines,shapes,shades,forms,colours,dots,patterns,motifs,designs that you can ever imagine. A Sketch Pad is similar to a rhyme book of a musical artist.

Hmm! for me, sketch pad is any piece of paper around me . My sketch pad are mostly occupied with empty spaces while i have ample pieces of papers fill with Sketches of African Motifs,Patterns,Symbols and Designs for an African Cultural Wear. I spent most of my time transferring /stitching the papers together to my main sketch pad.

As an artist that is my way, yours might be different.

  Ancestral African Proverbs by Chinue Achebe

* wisdom is like a goat skin bag every man carries his own.

* The man who has never submitted to any thing will soon submit to a burial mat.

* It is praise worthy to be brave and fearless,my son,but sometimes it is better to be a coward.


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