” New Sketches of Patterns/Designs for an African Traditional Wear “

This blog post is a continuation of my previous post on Sketches of Patterns,Motifs and Designs of an African Cultural Wear. And also for my Decorative Mixed Media Painting.

The sketches are imaginative composition of Repeated use of shades,lines,space and geometric shapes. African Fabric Prints,Tie & Dye and Batik Fabric(by the Yoruba’s in Nigeria,Africa),Aso- ke Woven Fabric (by the Yoruba’s) etc are reference for my sketches of patterns.

The African Cloth Prints and Textiles are Documentation of African history,culture,tradition and Arts. This is why i used them as reference for my sketches.

Ideas for my Pattern Sketches was also inspired by the works of a renown African (Nigeria) contemporary artist- Dr Bruce Onobrakpeya. His works are fill with cultural,traditional and Symbolical Designs.


8 thoughts on “” New Sketches of Patterns/Designs for an African Traditional Wear “

  1. hey from the painting group! you are very prolific, and i like how you’ve tapped into the ancient designs and place them prominently on clothing and in your paintings. i especially like the vivid colored paintings. with the designs in the background and happy images (brightly-colored women for one) in the foreground. nice unique style!
    i am working on a ‘mola’ series that blends my love of the kuna indians’ textile art – most based on antigua designs as well. with each painting, the series evolves a bit more.

    thanks for sharing,and i look forward to your posts.


    1. whoa! i don’t no what say you just made my day with your words. THANK YOU. My God am motivated & encourage by you. I am want to view your post because i love textile art; i want to be inspired by your works.

      1. wow.. i read this backwards.. the other first because i have been travelling. i had just told a museum director yesterday that it’s odd how the most-talented artists sometimes need the most encouragement. being highly sensitive is a gift and often it is a curse as well. we need both sides of that coin to be the strongest unique person we can be. i am so glad that my token comment made your day! spread the smile, as that’s our true purpose, to learn and to help others along the way. (i’m about to be on the road again – home tonight.) z

      2. I wish u a safe journey home. Hmm, your words are sweet, it’s nice to hearing from you again thank u! You are motivating me to go back to my painting on canvass/mixed media painting which i have stopped for a while due to some factors and i wanted to explore fashion a little bit to survive as an artist.
        Before i forget i saved your works on my system,i want to learn one or two things from your works. I love your composition,your use of contrast and colours,flow and rhythm of your pattern. Your works are new to me.
        Have a nice week end.

      3. i’m home just in time for sunset!
        i’m glad that my words and works inspire you! one sometimes needs a little kick start, and sometimes someone’s neutral critiques help you see through their eyes and not from your own. if you’ve not done so before, sometimes look at your work in a mirror, and you see it with new vision.

        good luck and happy painting!


      1. thanks! when modern man forced the kuna indians of panama to wear clothing, they transfered their traditional body-painted designs onto their clothing. some designs they use today are still the ‘antiguas’ and others are more modern. one day the ‘eurekak moment hit when i realized i had a vast collection of museum sketches that i could bring back to life! it’s been a fun new direction that i embrace!
        you have tapped into a similar vein, and i love the images on the clothing. they’re strong. z

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