A ” Colourful Mixed-Media Painting with Variety of Patterns and Designs(Title- The Festival of African Patterns) “

* Title: The festival of African Patterns

* Dimension: 82cm / 41cm.

* Medium: Oil Paint, Canvass, Yarn, Fabric(African Print), newspapers, carton papers, cork etc

* Year of production: 2012.

This is one of my resent Mixed Media Decorative Art Piece.It is an Experimental Art in which i explore various materials listed above to create this work of art. The concept is to create an Alteration of Patterns and flow which can tell multiple stories to the mind through the use of texture effect.

In creating this Colourful Mixed Media Art Piece,at a time I was about abandoning the work,because it was not given me what i had in mind. Then i told myself I have to finish my initial concept before taken that decision. The Finished Art latter turn out to give me a lot interest.


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