“A Sweet Oil Portrait of an African Bride,Title: The Bini Bride”

* Title: The Bini Bride

* Medium: Oil on canvas

* Dimension: 82.5cm/91cm

* Year: 2010

It is an Oil Portrait of an African Bride getting set for her traditional wedding (A Bini traditional marriage in Edo state,Nigeria). For a Bini Traditional Wedding the bride’s are Decorated with Beads on their wrist,neck,ear’s and a Royal Hairdo Design with Beads. The hairdo was only used or worn by the Benin royal queens( in Benin they are called ‘Olori’)in the past. But they are now worn by everyone on special occasion like traditional weddings.

Portrait Drawing/Painting was my first love in painting including landscape painting. During my early years in Art school i was keen about portrait art,I made every effort to study and understand how to make a portraits. Because in my society, people are mostly interest in portraits, they want to see themselves or their love ones on canvas,paper board or ply-board.

It takes a mature mind or a keen art lover in my society(Nigeria) to appreciate other subject in painting like landscape,figurative,abstract,nature,still life painting etc. Most times, to survive as an emerging artist you have to learn the art of portrait painting.


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