Junior High/Secondary School Students on Paper Collage Pratical Class,Painting with Colourful Papers.

A photo display of my students in one of their practical class. These are first grade junior secondary/high school students,we call them J.S.S 1 student, designing an umbrella in their drawing book with the use of different colours of papers. The class was quite noisy,busy,interesting and a bit stressful. Because each of the student wanted my attention, the classroom was full with questions like; Uncle is my drawing OK? Uncle is my umbrella big enough? Uncle where should i place this colour? Uncle is it fine like this? Uncle what should i do now? Uncle u have not look at my work…………………………..

However i enjoy the class it was a dramatic class and an expression of the Beautiful Nature of Children. Their sincere or open mind set of doing things and it is an opportunity to see some young talents and skillful hands. I also enjoy watching the children get busy with the Paper Collage Practical with keen interest and determination. It takes my mind back to memory lane when i was child.

I call this Paper Collage Practical Class– Children at work. It was really fun……



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