The African Run-way Fashion Show

These are series of photographs of my African Hand made Design Fashion which i show case in a Fashion Show in my town. The show was organized by a friend of my who owns a fashion/entertainment magazine. Hand bill for the show is posted among the above photographs.

This was really my first time participating in a show like this, i was disturbed and confused on what to design on the wears especially for the female. I spent time thinking of Feminine Patterns and Motifs for the wears but nothing was coming out from my head.

The design for the male attire was all most giving me a slit problem because i don’t want repeat most of my previous designs, i wanted something new and fresh- ”a new concept ”. i was given ten models, five male and five female that means ten wears. It was towards the ninth hour almost a week to the show i started getting concept or ideas of designs for my wears.

Before I forget, in participating in the show i came under the fashion name Gidigba Label. Gidigba is a word in my local dialect(Edo language) which means something big,large,unshakeable or balance etc. In the show my fashion name was indigenous,Strange,unexpected and related with my African Design Concept. And the audience was able to catch the picture of my concept.

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