Exploring African Colourful Dolls,Designs,Patterns,Motifs and Symbols on a Textured Canvass,Titled: The African Rhythm of Beauty.

Title: The African Rhythm of Beauty

Medium: Acrylic on a Textured Canvass(Texture Achieved by Glued Wood Dust to a Canvass)

Dimension: 91.5cm/82cm

Year: 2012

This is my most recent African painting,for a very long time i have not done a large painting. I love large canvass it give me more room or space to express my African indigenous patterns,symbols,motifs and designs i have inside. I dream of painting larger canvass than this, so that i can really express my African designs and patterns on a large scale like that of Jackson Pollock’s large paintings .

As an artist,artisan,designer or a craft man have you ever done an art or craft and you spent hours or days staring at it as if it was done by another artist. And after series of staring at your work you said to yourself ” I am good,i don’t care whether this art is bought or not. I am good ”  That was how i felt when i finished this painting.

I call this art an African colourful design canvass. It is an assemblage of texture,shapes,various faces of  an African patterns and motifs at the background and a colourful decorated African dolls which is the center of focus.

In this art piece i exercised my mind in order to explore most of my African imaginative patterns,symbols and motifs which i have inside. It was really fun and experimental.



5 thoughts on “Exploring African Colourful Dolls,Designs,Patterns,Motifs and Symbols on a Textured Canvass,Titled: The African Rhythm of Beauty.

  1. i am so glad that you’re totally pleased with this; it’s such a wonderful place to be, we paint for the joy of painting, and when everything works well, we can sit back and bask in that good feeling that the hard work and dedication was worth it. congratulations, and it is truly a beautiful original work of art!
    sorry i’ve been silent; very little internet in the past ten days.

    1. I have being waiting to hear from u, thanks 4 the reply. u just said my mind concerning happiness,that was how i felt when i was creating this piece.
      Actually i did a piece like this in 2010 and the art was sold last 2 weeks,i was so happy, despair the amount did not what the art. But i was happy and satisfy,because the gallery i displayed the art piece was a big gallery. For my art to have sold there it is a plus.
      The Z thanks for all your words they mean so much to me.

      1. you are so welcome!
        i use a small mini laptop and with hit and miss internet opportunities, i have gotten behind on others’ posts. this is day two of catching up, which feels good, though i am also catching up on cleaning house, washing clothes, restoring order to an out-of-control garden from my two-months’ absence!
        suffice to know that when i go silent, it would never be that i deliberately passed over your posts. they deserve respect and attention, and you are slowly building a circle of fans!

      2. That is a lot of house work, i which i could assist to reduce the work load. However am offering a hand of assistance from the heart.

      3. gracias! as they say in latin america, ‘poco a poco’ little by little!
        there’s a meteor shower late nights this weekend. you probably don’t live where you can watch the perseids, can you? hopefully the cloudy band around the equator will clear for a nice show tomorrow night.

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