The African Roof Tops Painting of Colours in Poster Colour/Gouache.

African Contemporary Colourful Landscape in Poster Colour(Gouache)Still experimenting, still working, still digging through the mind to unveil my responses to the African community- the display of roof tops, shapes of buildings, colours and spaces in the landscape. Pouring out my freedom of thought and imagination in Poster colour/Gouache on a flat surface. Am still working………………….


9 thoughts on “The African Roof Tops Painting of Colours in Poster Colour/Gouache.

    1. Thanks, your compliment are a source of strength and motivation in all my art piece. Any time i create an art i think about u and your words. thank God 4 internet.

      1. we’re entering the rainy season (though it’s still real dry right now!) every time we get a sprinkle, we lose power. sometimes its off for a few hours and other times for a few days. ditto for internet, hit and miss at times.

        suffice to know that i’ll be in and out but will always catch up with what i’ve missed!


      2. the world is so different, why on my side we are in the dry season, we will start expecting rainfall from next year around April. i understand.

      3. COMPLIMENT OF THE SEASON. is been a while, how are u doing? and how are u enjoying the rainy season. i hope all is fine? Just to say Hi. Lisa

      4. hey! i’ve been too busy for my normal life, though it slowed down on sunday and should stay quiet for a few weeks. i’m working on a large painting and working on another ‘fun’ painting!
        Feliz Navidad, Amigo!

        You should post some new photos of your students and classroom and share how you celebrate the holidays/end of the year.


      5. am waiting to see your always inspiring fun painting. the only new photos(culture day celebration in Nov.) i have for my students are much, i am have a hard time editing them all. I was not able take some photos for the end of term 9 lessons carol becos i was marking their examination script.

      6. thanks for understanding, i making effort to create some new large painting b4 the end of this brief holiday period. My students are resuming on the 7 of January, while we the staffs will resume on the 4.

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