A Colourful Contemporary Mixed media Landscape Painting.

A contemporary mixed media Acrylic landscape paintingThis is one of my Recent(2012) Mixed media Painting composed from squeezed newspapers, acrylic and canvass with a dimension of 91.5cm/82.5cm. It is an Abstract or Idealistic Expression of a Landscape, expressing roof tops,buildings and tress.

This art piece was born from a mind that crave for something new, complex but simple, exiting and dramatic. I want to create an art that express the totality of my state of mind at that particular time. An art that when it is hanged on the wall i would ask myself- was i the one that made this art? And the art would spore me to create more art.



2 thoughts on “A Colourful Contemporary Mixed media Landscape Painting.

  1. very nice! i like your narrative as well, ‘was i the one that made that art?’
    i am presently struggling with a painting that is stronger than i! after every painting session, i am exhausted! usually when i finish paintings like that , i step back and look at it and say, ‘wow. now i know why this made me so tired.. all of my energy transferred from me to the painting.’

    i’ve been painting for most of the day and am exhausted! i should finish tomorrow, or almost finish.. it’s for a neighbor, and i want them to do a tiny bit of work on the painting to add their energy to it as well.

    happy new year, amigo! what customs do you have for the end of the year or the first of the year?

    1. sometimes some paintings can be so tasking and exhausting especially when one is trying to bring out an idea.. so many times i have abandon some of my paintings bcos i could not get my initial idea.
      but those works always direct me to a new idea.
      For me i don’t really have any custom for the new year or may be am still thinking about it.

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