Mixed media Art of Contemporary Designs and Colours, Titled: ”The Fashionistic” .

Mixed media Art of contemporary designs and coloursx

I create an art piece with out knowing the final out come but with a concept to explore a dramatic texture effect and abundant use of colours, values, spaces and shapes. To create a message that can be seen after finishing the Art. And giving the freedom for my viewers or audience to see their own message and title it if they want to.

The Imaginative Abstract Mixed media Art piece is the Experimentation of Yarn Stitches, Yarn, Newspapers and Acrylic on Canvas. Giving my Mixed media painting a rich feeling or looks in texture, flow and rhythm. I just want to explore and watch the flow or movement of various types of lines achieved by the yarn and the squeezed nature of the newspapers which reflect under the colours. At the end of day I was able to title the Art- The Fashionistic. Because after finishing the piece, what I could see or imagine was Fashion, a European Stylist or Colourful Fashion on Canvas.

This is one of my Mixed media Art of Contemporary Designs and Colours.


3 thoughts on “Mixed media Art of Contemporary Designs and Colours, Titled: ”The Fashionistic” .

  1. good morning! this came in last night when i was oh so very tireid! i now have fresh eyes and spirit to better appreciate what you’re doing! your two styles of bright impressionistic color landscapes and the collages are quite different, much like my traditional watercolors and the mola series. i really love working in the ‘mola’ style with all of the bright colors and unihibited structure (thought there is order in the chaos) but i miss those watercolors and am getting ready to do some small ones sort of like dessert for the soul. ‘dessert for the soul’ that’s a good name for that post, and i will try to remember that when i reach that point. for now four sheets of paper are cut and waiting, but the larger painting beckons from the other side of the room…http://playamart.wordpress.com/2013/03/07/surprises-come-in-many-colors/

    then there are posts to write… i still think that you should start sharing more about your world, your students, give people glimpses into your life. i have found that wordpress people really like to know more about the artist/person, and my most popular posts are the ones that tell about my interactions with my community.

    so as ‘theo’ i am nudging you to expand your posts (i know, we have so little time) and with that i am going to share a recent paulo coelho quote which he posted in yesterday’s blog.


    1. my Theo, my teaching is taking much from me and the pay is not encouraging in compare to the work load( the numbers of classes and students). Am hopefully and praying to quit the job this year becos my mind is no longer their but i will miss my funny and interesting students.
      I just want to go into studio practice and serious marketing of my art. Early this year i made some ,little advancement concerning marketing my art. I got a representation from a local gallery in US and was selected for publication by international contemporary artists art book which would be published in May. I just hope it turns out positive.
      The term is almost drawing to a close the students are starting their examination this week. I have done some practical class with my students but i was not in the mood to take some photos (poor me)
      I will resume some of my impressionistic paintings, i just bought some gouache. THANKS!!

      1. hey vince! we will always look back on our lives and see where we were right where we needed to be to prepare us for the next step in life. teaching gives us confidence – we see our students strive to please.. we see them not apply themselves, and they have lessons to teach us as well. we become better public speakers. we interact with others – it’s easy to go into a hibernation mode and rarely interact with anyone, and that might be good for the art but not good for one’s psyche! we need balance. teaching helps us there.

        now you are ready to wean away, just as i did years ago. remember that we only have this day, and we owe it to ourselves to make the most of it!

        you’ll do well!
        have fun with your new paints..

        oh! i went to a paint store and looked at all of those lovely colors of paint they can mix. i chose red/blue/orange/green/yellow/peach/ black… and had them mix a quart of each. it cost about five dollars for each one, verses what i would pay in an art supply house for a small tube. these are good strong paints that i can barely scrub off of my hands, so i know they will hold up over the years.

        hopefully you can find a similar option. just buy one or two at a time until you have a good supply. then i put them in small drink bottles with a squeeze top for sports drinks.. i don’t have to open the cans every time i need paint.


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