Gouache/ Poster colour Landscape Painting Titled: Alone in the halls

SAM Landscape

The above Gouache/ Poster colour Painting is titled ‘Alone in the Hills‘. It was inspired from one of my photo shoot i had some time ago, around last year on my way from Benin to Enugu in Nigeria on a bus. During the trip the bus broke down, so we had to stop by the road side why the driver was working on the bus.  On one side of the road there where hills cover with vegetation and i saw a house standing alone on the hill with no house around it, for me it was a beautiful sight.

After staring at the scene for a while I begin to ask myself a lot of questions like – why is this house all alone on the hills? Is there anyone living in that house? What kind of person would be living in such a lonely and bushy environment? Would this persons not be attacked by some kind of creeping animals? However i was full with a lot of questions but i kind of love the scene and it was thrilling to me.

Last week as i was screwing through the photos on my phone, than i saw the photograph. I told myself i have to paint this photo. The memory of the scene was still fresh and beautiful in my head. That is the story behind this Gouache/Poster Colour Painting.

Thanks for stopping by, i hope you find this brief article interesting?


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