An Upcoming African Artists Published Internationally

International Contemporary Artists Vol.5 For some weeks I have not been able to published any post- is that am lazy, tired or am short of concept or ideas or occupied with my job as a fine art teacher. I would say i had so many things on my mind which held me from creating any post and even painting. But i told myself today that i must published something to the world, i hope i would be able to make sense with this post.

The above photo is a photograph of an art book titled International Contemporary Artists vol.6 . I was opportune to be selected for its recent publication which was published last month in May.

This is one of my biggest move or achievement i have ever made in my journey as an upcoming artists from Africa, Nigeria and i thank the almighty God for such a privilege to be published with other great talented artists from all around the world and I also thank every one for your motivational compliment which has inspired me to create new works of art.You can view the book on Am on page 11, this are my names Eghosa Raymond Akenbor.

My society is an environment where talents are not usually recognized and celebrated. They only recognize or celebrated talents that are identified by a white man, that is why my great heads from my country are been taken away to the white man’s world where they are been appreciated and used to develop their nation. And all this is affecting the development of Africa.

The media and newspapers talk about them, recognized them but they forget that at a time this persons was with them struggling to get recognition but he/she was never noticed. Until the effect of a white man….. Hmm am short of words. For me Africa is still under slavery, she don’t appreciate what she have.

However the struggle must continue till we get there. A special thanks for stopping by.


5 thoughts on “An Upcoming African Artists Published Internationally

  1. that is fantastic! congratulations!
    I just finished two small studies today, and they left me ‘spent.’ we say, ‘the well is dry.’ when we don’t feel like paiting, that’s ok.. we read, walk, talk with others.. don’t talk with others.. stare ta the skies, the trees, the leaves, the ants, until our well is restocked and refreshed, and we’re ready to move forward!


    1. i feel like that too, no drive to paint, i have abandon most of my paintings, anytime i enter my studio i see all my un-finished works. I am looking for what to talk about and snap. I thought i have lost u my friend with a lot of friends and followers

  2. no way! i have had little time to myself this past month, and when i did, it was late and i needed sleep! or when online, i was also having someone talking to me at teh same time, and i cannot focus on writing while someone is talking.. seems rude to tune them out…

    in a few days i will be home, i think for at least a few weeks.

    even if i am silent, i am there, my friend.. you’re never alone – don’t forget that!


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