A Mixed media Painting of Imaginary African Motifs and Inscriptions


The above mixed media painting is with mediums in wood dust, acrylic and canvas, dimension in 97.5 by 83.5cm. Every painting has it story and situation behind its creation which would affect its outcome. It makes an art piece unique and a diary of the state of mind of the artists.

The above painting is my usual expression of the African dolls and imaginary African Motifs/Inscriptions to paint my excitement and freedom. Before i forget, the art is a finished work from my last post.


11 thoughts on “A Mixed media Painting of Imaginary African Motifs and Inscriptions

    1. Apology for the late reply, i was a bit down but am up now, i kind of mis u. How re u doing? I have been working on my site lately with an assistance from a friend of mine. I made some changes on my domain name which is now http://artpalour.com still under wordpress.
      I am still working on it, i just want to make it more professional.
      from the heart i miss u. best regards

      1. sigh.. isn’t it funny that sensitive people cannot reach down and pull out a fake smile, so we go inward in an incubation until we are stronger? we all go through that, and the tough lessons that life gives us are the ones that make us the strongest people.

        you’re going to have waves of disappointments, but you will also look back later and see where you grew most – or in new directions – because of those hurdles.

        i have another friend that’s going thru a dark time… she’s down because her family, many friends/peers, and her country – she feels – is falling short and most have an attitude of apathy. as strong and positive as she is, she’s still let it kick her down.

        we have the power each day to make that a positive or negative day. sometimes we need that incubation time… embrace it and come out when you feel strong and ready for the next chapter!


      2. Thanks for your ever beautiful words, i understand your lines, one need period like those to make one strong and refine. i no its just a matter of time.
        How re u in generally? and how do u see my new site.
        my best regard

      3. hey
        i am in rainy costa rica dealing w/some problems but making progress. very litte internet time, and when online i am so tired and sleepy – too sleepy to make sense!

        thanks so much for noting my semi=absence!

        for the rest of the year i might not be online daily, for lack of internet. will be back in ecuador mid sept but in a remote area.

        thanks again!


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