Galactic Landscapes by Paul McCloskey

Fawn Review

Landscape paintings have been a core tradition of Western art since its inception. In the shadow of such a rich history of an established form, the modern artist may feel the pressure to find something new to say in this form where so many others have .  However, such innovation in approach is something Paul McCloskey injects into his work as he conveys landscapes with a uniquely surrealist edge.

The Irish artist is accruing a wide fan base both in Ireland and on an international stage. In fact when McCloskey entered our Fawn Review art competition this July, he won with overwhelming support for his work from Awakenings Reloaded.

For both the  Awakening series and the follow up project Awakenings Reloaded, he is more concerned with capturing the qualities of the landscape and what they mean to him, rather than simply mimicking their physical features. Rather than aiming…

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