Photo Thoughts/Poetry- “Sweet Sleep”

African photo concept


Like a foetus in mother’s womb,

I lay on my bed,

My view transcends the white ceiling above my head,

And I see myself under the dark blue starful skies,

I faintly hear birds chirping,

And frog croaking,

And the vigilante making noise with iron,

Many a breeze run through my window,

Capturing me on the soporific embrace

Ordering me to sigh and stretch,

This short period of night hold no tossing and turning for me,

Hold no nightmares for me,

I awaken to the skies opening their eyes,

Walking the sun to its daily duties,

And putting moon to rest,

I think it’s only a moment ago I have shut my eyes,

I am afresh for another day.

                                                                                                   Nicholaus Abiebnode


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