The African Photo Thoughts/Poetry- D’ Tribute.

photo concept by EghoArtCulture


This is to you

You who can

Hold a man’s gaze

You who can

Put a man in felicity or in ructions

With one movement.

You, who with subtlety

Controls man.

You who sets man

On an odyssey of meaningfulness

This is for you.

Spice of life

This is for you

You who can convince even God,

As you did in the very beginning,

To make you the most beautiful,

Of all his creations.

Queen of the earth

This is to you

You who even nature favours,

Complementing your beauty with

Glowing skin and hair,

Enhancing your smile with,

Luscious lips,

So supple, so soft.

A nexus of things unknown.

This is to you,

You whose complexities,

Puzzles philosophers and scientists,

You whose every movement,

Is a mystery to the wise.

You whose jejune look,

Is the greatest deceit.

This is to you.

You who holds love in your hands,

You who is the artist that colours the world,

You who multiplies the earth,

You who is beside every successful man,

You who adds meaning to man’s life.

You who is female,

This is for you.

                                                                                        Nicholaus Abiebnode


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