Art Photo/Poetry- Poetic Licence.

A photo of a mixed media painting in progress.



I write this hoping that it will never be seen,

But I’m making sure it is.

I think poem should be read only,

By the person who has written them,

In fact I hate to read other people’s poems,

It’s like smelling their stinky socks


I like poems but I hate ambiguity,

And I think poems are full of it.

I think too, that it is funny,

How people can pratfall (sie)

In poetry and the so- called academicians

Call it Poetic Licence.

It is also funny, ha,ha, how people are

Forced to enjoy poem because it makes

Them appear intelligent and deep.

It is hilarious how people hide behind

Big words and rhymes and all the many devices,

Why can’t I say complex things in simple

Words: The government is corrupt.

That’s simple enough.

Oh, here’s another one:

I have not eaten,

My father doesn’t have a job,

We live under the bridge,

School is expensive and health care, costly

And if I have to use figures of speech then,

For simile: I am as thin as a broom,

For metaphor: This country is night,

For hyperbole: I have not eaten since last month,

For personification: Hunger pushes me to steal,

For alliteration: Vices are virtues and vice versa,

For pun: I’ve been sentence with out a word,

For symbolism: My fate has been decided.

For rhetorical question: Is there hope for me?

                                                                                                      Nicholaus Abiebhode


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