PAINTING/POETRY- He and Humanity.

Abstract painting on  chipboard

He and Humanity

A: Hide all sharp objects’

He’s coming.

B: What about his sharper tongue?

We are still in danger!

A: Stay mute in the dark

He’ ld be here soon.

B: Forget it, he ‘ld feel for us

We still in danger!

A: We can run away together

It will take moment for him to miss us.

B: Then he ‘ll come for us in full force

And we ‘ll have nowhere to hide

‘Cos, we are gold fishes in his vision

And his ire and wrath shall fall on us

We are still in danger.

A: Than let’s end it all,

Take our lives- the one he threatens.

B: To what end shall that act bring?

He ‘ld be merciless to the others

Remember there are others

They are still in danger!

A: Let’s kill him! Let’s end it all!

B: Young mind, you fail to understand

He is immortal, he lives in us humans,

He ‘ll never die.

We are all in danger!

A: Let’s extricate, exorcise him out of us

B: We ‘ll lose ourselves too,

Understand, we can do nothing.

A: That’s it? Are we hopeless?

B: We are not hopeless,

We are him, he is us.

It is in our accepting and facing him,

That we conquer,

That we become overcomers of him,

That we are no longer in danger.

                                                                                                     Nicholaus Abiebhode


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