PHOTO POETRY: Call It Orison If Thou Mayest.

Photograph of an African Poetry..

Call It Orison If Thou Mayest

Thou creative talent

When hast thou taken me to?

To which palace hast thou made my feet grace?

What food hast mine plate been filled with because of thee?

What raiment hast thou adorned my back with?

Which lip hast thou made my name a constant hymn?

Thou talent.

Is thy purpose for me hope alone?

Hast thou not any plan to make me

Famous and in good fortune?

Prithee to tell me thy agenda,

For mine eyes look thy way daily

And thy failing have been brought to bear.

Bring me thee, fame and fortune

And give hope and promise thy deserved rest

For if thou obey me not

I shall turn to mine hands for daily bread

And thou shall perish in silence.

                                                                                              Nicholaus Abiebhode


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