WRITE, DRAW THE POETRY- A Gentleman’s Promise.

Poetry sketch

A Gentleman’s Promise

When the rains should decide

To come in cats and dogs, in deluge,

I shall be there with my brolly.

I shall cover you from its miaows and barks

And furl not til it ceases.

I shall sweep you off your feet

And carry you through mire and murky

To my home where I shall put you

On a throne of gold and purple velvet

Your feet cushioned in matching hassock

I shall bestow you with gifts and my service.

Where no man had thought to kiss you,

In that place, shall i, if you permit

I shall put in your tongue praise for me

And bring out sounds from you,

You didn’t fancy existed.

I shall take you to Papa and Mama

This is who I love, I shall say

To Pastor and church

And before God I shall say I do

We shall become one.

It shall be We against the world

We bearing offsprings

We building together a family

Time shall count away

And senility greet us

We shall have conquered the world

And decide to conquer hereafter next

We shall leave together.

But even as we leave

My promise shall be as potent

As when I first uttered it.

                                                                                                     Nicholaus  Abiebhode


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