Aesthetical Collage Art.

colourful abstract contemporary collage art

“Continue creating art, no matter how challenging the process becomes. Continue even though you’re not showing or selling anything. Continue even if you’re dissatisfied with what you’re producing. Determination transcends reason.” Priscila De Carvalho. When I read this words from this site Here I was encouraged and inspired to continually produce art

Most times I stare around my small studio, looking at all my works have done over the years- I ask myself questions like, how are you going to sell all this art? what are you plans towards marketing these aesthetic pieces? My answers or response are covered with brief silence and smile. All I could say is- it is well. The above words from Priscila came very handy to me at this period, that situation can’t stop me from been an artist.

The above paper collage art is my resent painting on canvas, its titled- The Aesthetical, with a dimension in 4ft/3ft.



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