An African Contemporary Abstract Painting on Chipboard.

an African contemporary abstract painting on chipboard by  Eghosa Raymond Akenbor
My art is beyond aesthetics, that is how I want it to be, it should not be only just fine but inspiring. An engineer, a musical artiste, a designer, a business personal, anyone, should see the art and be inspired, it should be more than just being exhibited on the wall.
An idea, memory, taught, a feeling should strike the mind as you see and view my African Contemporary Abstract Painting on Chipboard, titled – Aesthetic Speech. Before I conclude this post, I will ask this questions. Are your words Aesthetical? Are your words full with Negativity or Positivity or good?
The words one says matters a lot. Please make an effort to give Aesthetic Speech. It goes a long way to give hope and encouragement to your hearers.


2 thoughts on “An African Contemporary Abstract Painting on Chipboard.

  1. I agree. I work hard at trying to be kind whenever possible but do find that while my intentions are always, always good–people do not like criticism. That isn’t to say that I am not the same way, of course I am which makes me a hypocrite. But I’m slowly becoming aware that I don’t know as much as I THINK I know and that part of the process of being open and generous and giving and kind is to listen.
    I enjoy your posts very much. I find myself always wanting to correct you (grammatically, speaking) but realize that the message is YOUR own and there’s a charm to leaving it just as it is because the words presented are as if they are spoken from one friend to another. That’s what I mean about hypocrisy. Even when well-intentioned, we are ruining the aspects of individuality and growth and making everything homogenized and uniform which is…well, boring! Keep creating. Keep being. Just as you are. Many blessings!

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