African Modern Painting: THE ELDERS.

a modern African colourful painting of patterns by Eghosa Raymond Akenbor
Some much have been expressed in this African Modern Art piece of colours and patterns. Staring at my finished intellectual piece of Art sometimes I am short of words to blog about it because my words and feelings have been translated into colours, lines, shapes and patterns on a 2 dimensional surface. I also develop phobia not to make grammatical errors in my literally expression 😁😂😁
However, I have to talk about my creation, even if it’s anyhow, I have to say it. This African Modern Painting is titled “The Elders”. The set of individuals called Elders are very significant in every society especially in African- specifically Nigeria. Their age, position and experience/wisdom they have acquired in their duration on earth makes they very important and a custodian of culture, norms and traditions of the land.
In my society, traditional marriages, funerals in families cannot take place without the Elders carried along, they tell you how it is done in accordance to the traditional of the land. Some of them can be so frustrating but as a young man we have to be patient with them, because we are the ones to replace them when they are gone.
Like the popular adage in my society- What an old man sees sitting down, a young boy will never see, even if he climbs on a tree.
Wow! I have written a lot, I have to stop here before I write out of point. Enjoy, feel and be inspired by my Modern African Painting.


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