MULTIMEDIA PAINTING: Titled- D Artist Expedition.

My house dustbin is where I check often for disposables and when I go out I comb through disposables littering all around. I picture them on my surface and how they will look like, the taught of their freshness and rawness alone ignite my imagination.
As an experimental artist, when I create with only pigments I am never gratify, there is always an urge to go multimedia in my medium of expression- introducing disposables around in my painting. The use of only pigments is not enough, the use of wasteful objects are so natural and entertaining- like watching my audience thrilled by the recycling ideology.

multimedia huge painting of disposable objects

multimedia painting on canvas, disposables on painting by Eghosa Raymond Akenbor.

I titled this multimedia painting D ARTIST EXPEDITION I. An experimental artist is always on an adventurous journey to explore his/her fears and strength. A journey to the unknown but with an aesthetical end. The art is on a dimension of 6ft by 6ft, my biggest work of art for the now.


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