Therapeutic to the Soul.

A mixed-media painting of colours and yarns on paper board is the artist dairy of daily living. “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life of your soul” Pablo Picasso, art is therapeutic to the soul, just like music, the reaction/result that emerges from the eyes to the brain is un-describable.
For me as the creator I wash my worries, doubt and fears into my paintings. In life there are so many things to think about both the ones you can change & the unchangeable. And they are never ending, you can keep thinking about them till one is six feet below or leave them in the hands of your Maker and channel your worries into your strength.
I don’t paint the way I feel because if I do, most of my paintings will be in blues and darks like in the Blue Period of Picasso but I choose to paint how I want to feel -futuristically, a feeling of hope, excitement, positivity, bliss, wealth……….


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