Completed Art in the Mind.

The above Art is Untitled, it is a mixed-media painting of furnished and enriched fusion of definite & dynamic shapes/forms in colours.
The art was completed in a space of 5 months, it would have being finished in less than the duration it took, I was out of materials to finish the Art that was while. During that period of time as I stare at the unfinished art on the wall I saw a finished painting that i had completed in my mind, waiting patiently for the visual expression.


The Creator’s Feelings.

Just the way my creator felt when he finished Creation in the book of Genesis 1:31 in the Bible. He saw his creation as very good. That was how I felt when I finished these Art Wears, it is a feeling of good, satisfaction, pleasant, so much joy inside of me.
And that is how I want the buyers to feel when they possess or wear my work of art. They are not just wearing an aesthetic wear but a part of the wholeness of my heart which is the feeling of Good, Satisfaction……..

The Artist Satisfaction

A continuation from the title- Unfinished Tales; chapter 3. It’s a sporadic/dynamic self expressive art in acrylic, cartons, hardboards on canvas. As I finish this work of art I spent time, days to enjoy every part of the painting.
Then I begin to analyze the joy, fulfillment, satisfaction, exhilaration that runs through the mind of the artist as he convert his imaginations to reality. The joy begins from when the concept is conceive till the finishing of the art. A genius work art is an expression of the artist joy and satisfaction.

MAGICAL EXPRESSION: Unfinished Tales; chapter 2.

The Unfinished Tales; chapter 2. This is an outcome of a mind filled up with adventure, bold expression, fantasy, imaginary images that are endless. I wish i could convert these imaginations to a written work of art or dramatised, it will have being magical.
It will be a captivating African folktales which is never ending, rooted in the fringes of the African culture its- proverbs and history. This mixed-media work of art in acrylic, magazines,cartons & canvas is continuous………..

INEXHAUSTIBLE IMAGINATIONS: Unfinished Tales; chapter 1.

I title the painting Unfinished Tales; Chapter 1. As a writer literally express his stories on paper, so the artist do the same in any medium that suits him.
The painting is an imaginative tales of beautiful stories that can not be explained or narrated but can be expressed in colours. The Tales are inexhaustible, it can’t be finished in just one art, its limitless. Because the thoughts of the mind is continuous.