Aesthetics in Space IV

This is another art from my creation in series titled Hunger for Aesthetics in Space IV. The mediums of expression are cartons, spray paint, acrylic, canvas and the size- 3ft/3ft. The mixed media art is a continuous idea in which I am exploring in series. One work will not be enough to unleash my Hunger for Aesthetics, the more works I create on this concept the more I get closer to satisfaction.
Check my next post on Hunger for Aesthetics in Space V, you are going to love that too.


The Hunger for Aesthetics.

Hungry for Aesthetics in Space III, a continuation from my mixed media painting in series explored with the following medium- carton, spray paint, acrylic and canvas. Dimension is in 3ft/3ft.The feeling I get after creation is an unquenchable hunger to create exceptional Aesthetics on a space. I will say: Give me a hall and I will fill it up with unique paintings.

The Hunger for Aesthetics in Space II.

Hunger for Aesthetics in Space II, the second painting from my new series of abstract mixed-media art on canvas. This series is a feeling of hunger to create beauty on a space, I have been longing, fantasizing, dreaming, imaging, picturing on creating works like this for a long time but limited materials and time was my hindrance.

When i recently had a little time & adequate medium to create I could not hold myself from pouring out this hunger for Aesthetic, that is devouring my hunger on my canvas. This painting is not a totality of the feeling, it’s just a part of it. Check my next post on the series III.

The Hunger for Aesthetics in Space I.

The art is an urge to fill my desired space with designs, decorations, aesthetics…….. If you ask me – What are you trying to express or represent? My answer will be that I am creating an unexplainable expression that expresses a nuance rhythm from my soul born out of a spirit to adore my canvas with blissful decorations.
The painting is in series and is titled- Hunger for Aesthetics in Space I. My subsequent post will unveil the other series on this title.

The Beautiful Mind

This artistic expression is titled – The Beautiful Mind, the art is in relation with my previous post titled – The Great Mind. The both art was created with the same spirit and concept. It is a beautiful and poetic expression of the human mind which is dynamic and with the liberty to choose between good and bad, create and destroy, love and hate……..
The human intellectual inventions from sciences to social sciences and to the arts is a distinct illustration of the beauty of a human mind which is broad, fill with untapped potentials and beauty. The Beautiful Mind, is a mixed-media painting on canvas with a dimension in 100cm by100cm.

The Great Minds

In The Head- it is the title of this mixed-media work of art on canvas, it illustrate the poetry of great minds. Great minds are endowed with so many beautiful imaginations in the head to create and explore, they struggle with their limited time to discover and realize their visions and imaginations on earth
But time is never enough to uncover everything but they always lay futuristic foundation for generations to come. Great minds are asset and a blessing to the world, their mind and head are beautiful.

My Warm Home.

My Warm Home, is the title of this abstract expression of space and a changing flow of designs from the artist soul. After finishing this painting I had issues titling it and nothing was coming to mind but a feel of warmness was what I felt after laying my last brush strokes.
It is a nonstop feel of a warm home in my heart to create endless works of art that stirs the imaginations and ask questions like- What is this artist thinking?