The Artist Smile & Joy on Fabric.

The advent or conception of every design in the mind put a smile inside of me, as it metamorphosize into a defined picture waiting to be printed out from my mind. So I go about with this smile & joy inside of me in respective of short comings & limitations. With the knowing that something beautiful is about to be born- my brain child.
In a nutshell every of my Art on Fabric, canvas or any surface, is The Artist Smile And Joy.


Cloth- A Canvas for Expression.

Cloth, my new found canvas to express so many feelings, the feeling I express the most is my happiness, positivity and hope in respective of the situations around me.
Let me say- that is why I don’t spare my usage of colours when designing, it is my exhibition of a very positive feelings……. Gidigba Label.

African Design in Progress………..

designing the African wearable art.

Words like these from great designers speaks my mind as I design my Wearable African Art.
“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep”
“Design is a journey of discovery”
“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”
“Design is thinking made visible”
“If you’re not failing every now & again, it is a sign you aren’t doing anything very innovative”

THE FINISHED WORK: Painting on Cloth.

This is the finished work, if I was asked, was it the idea you had in mind when you started this art? I will say no. I only had a concept about the colours and a little bit about the composition because the composition can change when am not enjoying the flow and spontaneity of expression.
A finished African painting on cloth concept.
I am joyous when my art is unpredictable to me- like a life journey of suspense. Whatever the result, l LOVE IT, because it is an expression of a pure creative force inside of me not bound by principles or rules. It will have been beautiful to see the finished sewn African Artistic Wear, but this is where I have to stop and give to the tailor to do his own art.
African artistic fashion, painting on cloth
A symphony of art and fashion, that is what it is- painting on cloth.