“Buy a Textured Oil painting in Motifs and Abstract Figures(Title:Inscription of your heart)”

Mediums: Canvas,saw dust(texture effect) and oil paint.

Dimension: 91.3cm/82.5cm.

My painting is a decorative mixed media with the family of yellow and purple colours. The art piece is titled “Inscription of your heart“. This artwork is an abstract expression of a section of your mind towards the one you love and care for.

The motifs at the background of my art work is the love letters of the person you love. While the bold figures are the abstract picture of that person.

This work of art was inspired by the one I  cherish and it is dedicated to all those who have “that someone” special.

This original art work is for sale at a very thoughtful price of $1,880, to purchase the painting contact me though- raymonde234@yahoo.com


“Painting with Automotive Paint,Fabric and Yarn (Mixed media). (Title: Poetry of Values and Colours)”


This is a mixed media decorative art piece. The mediums are: Automotive paint( paint mostly used for metals), Fabric, Canvas and Yarn ( for stitches) etc.

My work of art is titled ” Poetry of Values and Colours “. The concept behind this piece is experimenting with the glossy nature of an automotive paints with a fabric and the shape display of colour contrast and values.

This original art work is for sale at a very thoughtful price of $280, to purchase the mixed media painting contact me through- raymonde234@yahoo.com

“Buy a Colourful Fabric Collage Painting with Satin and Tie-Dye Cloth.(Title:A Box of Adire)”

Dimension: 82.4cm/91cm

This is a fabric collage art piece a combination of satin and tie-dye fabric which is locally called “Adire” in my society ( Africa– Nigeria), I made a needle stitches on the collage to show a sense of joining among the fabrics used and also a display of colours in my artwork.

In this work of art I try to create areas of emphasis by creating a contrast of temperature– i.e expressing the use of cool and warm colours.

“A Box of Adire” is the title of my artwork, is an imagination of a box loaded with various colours of Adire (tie-dye fabric) given as a gift to a person in 1950’s,1960’s and 1970’s etc in my society- at that period it was a powerful and expensive gift to give as a present.

In those days Adire was a rare and expensive cloth because it was done locally by few individuals, which was mostly used for occasion, ceremonies and traditional purpose.

However, in this contemporary time Adire has almost lost it’s values because of the advancement in technologymass production of tie-dye fabric with textile machines, making it to be affordable and available in large quantity. Nevertheless ,the best and durable adire is the one done locally.

Art lovers, this original artwork is for sale at  a very thoughtful price of $ 1200, to purchase this fabric collage painting contact me through- raymonde234@yahoo.com

“View a Collection of Art with Features of Patterns, Repeatation, Motifs, Rhythm and Vibrant Colours”







This is a preview of my art collections. I was not too comfortable with the picture quality, I had to do a re-snap of my artworks in order for my viewers to get a better view of my works.

The titles, medium used and work description are all in my previous blog post. These original artworks are for sale at a very thoughtful price.