The African Mixed media Painting in Progress(A Continuation)

7 MIXED MEDIA PAINTING IN PROGRESS1 MIXED MEDIA PAINTING IN PROGRESS2  MIXED MEDIA PAINTING IN PROGRESS3 MIXED MEDIA PAINTING IN PROGRESS4 MIXED MEDIA PAINTING IN PROGRESS5 MIXED MEDIA PAINTING IN PROGRESS6 MIXED MEDIA PAINTING IN PROGRESS8 MIXED MEDIA PAINTING IN PROGRESSThis is a continuation from my last post on my African Mixed media Painting in Progress, in this stage i added some coloured net (in my locality we call them ”Sponge” for bathing) to my canvas to add more interesting texture. The nets are added to the canvas with an idea of the colour scheme for each of the paintings.

I am getting my surface ready for a painting of my imagination and thoughts, I believe that anything you can think and imagine is very possible to achieve. It may take time but with continuity and focus is realizable. I have series of imaginations and thought that spark or flash through my mind on daily basis, I am searching for ways to express them aesthetically to an average being out there.

Check out for the next stage as i give birth to a unique African colourful child of mine i.e my New Art. A big thanks for stopping by.


A Mixed media Experimental Painting in Progress.

experimental paintingexperimental painting 1experimental painting 2experimental painting 3experimental painting 4Am getting prepared for another Experimental Mixed media Painting experience, a trilling experience with out a complete knowledge of the finished art piece but with only a concept of its colours. The is a combination of squeezed old newspapers and wasted A4 papers squeezed into balls and glued to a canvas.

In the southern part of Nigeria we are experiencing our usual heavy rainfall, the atmosphere is moist and cold and my mixed media art is taking days to dry. I am making an early preparation for my series of paintings because, i would be having a brief holiday from next week (a mid-term break) which would last for 5 days. At least it will give me time to give birth to some Aesthetic African Children of my- i.e my art.

I hope to post or publish the subsequent process/development of this new art as I work in progress.

I almost forget, a big Thanks! for visiting.

Motifs and Patterns Expressed on an African Gown

Painting Motifs and Patterns on an African Gown1 Painting Motifs and Patterns on an African Gown3 Painting Motifs and Patterns on an African Gown4 Painting Motifs and Patterns on an African Gown5 Painting Motifs and Patterns on an African GownIt was so surprising to me that i have not share this Hand-made Design Craft of my in my blog, it was surprising. The above African Gown is an extension of my canvas, expressing my Imaginative Motifs,Patterns and Concepts of Colours with freedom on a cloth.

The African Designed Gown was created late last year by one of my sibling(younger sister) who is a fashion designer/Textile artists. She wanted my hand made design on one of her gown for a special occasion, which i gladly did for her as her elder brother.

However, a big THANKS! for stopping by.

The Pastel Portrait of an African Smile.

Pastel PortraitPastel Portrait PaintingPortrait PastelThis should be my first portrait painting for this year 2013, the last portrait i did was in oil on canvas in the middle of last year. The above pastel portrait is a painting commission by an in-law of my for her God-mother on her birthday.

When creating the portrait i kind of love her smile and beauty, it spore my creativity in making this portrait art. Before i forget the dimension is in 24” by 19”.

An Inspiring Mixed media Painting

A Colourful Mixed media Painting.This is another Inspiring Mixed media Painting explore with mediums in newspapers, yarn stitches, acrylic on canvass. With a dimension of 61cm/19.5cm. The art piece is generously open for you to explore your thoughts and imagination. The painting is full with questions like:

What do you see when you stare at me?

What is your imagination towards me?

Is it beautiful or ugly? Tell me.

What do you want to title me?

Is the title short or long? Tell me.

What is on your mind? Am waiting, please tell me.

Do you see creatures when you stare at me?

Are they humans, animals, plants, mystical being……….

Please tell me.

I am hanged on the studio wall of my creator, waiting patiently for answers to all my questions.

A big thanks for stopping by.

A Mixed media of Colourful Expression on Canvas

Art pA Mixed media Painting packed with colourful and dramatic expression on a canvas with mediums in newspapers, yarn and Acrylic. With a dimension of 32inch/16inch, created this year, let me say in the month of March.

It is an art piece that give freedom to my viewers or audience to see his or her stories, thoughts, images and imaginations in the painting. A big thanks for stopping by.