The Last Art in 2017.

I do have issues in titling my works most times, I am consumed with the idea than the title. How to express the concept in my mind is my interest, I title this painting- Two Pieces I. Its an expression of two thoughts in one. Its a two series work, the second painting- Two Pieces 2 is in progress, it will be my first art in 2018.

I conclude my 2017 art journey with this aesthetical imagination. Hoping & picturing an awesome art journey in 2018.


Just Go With The Flow.

The Structural, that is the title of this mixed-media painting, created from newspapers, polythene sachet, automobile paint & canvas.
Its so gratifying when creating a mixed-media piece of art, I enjoy the suspense that comes with it- not knowing the finishing or the out come, not working with a reference or photograph or a sketch. Everything about this art is from the mind

From the beginning of creating the art I go with the flow, my initial concept was transformed continually till I stopped at this point, I was already exhausted with everything inside of me.