“Buy a Textured Painting with Attractive Motifs and Patterns. [ Title- The beauty of the mind ]”

My work of art is an oil painting of motifs/patterns on a textured surface– [achieved by glueing saw dust to the canvas] and a times like stitches is made on the right hand side of my canvas to show the joining of a horizontal and vertical motifs/patterns on my canvas. Work dimension- 91.5cm/82.1cm.

”The beauty of the mind” is a title that visualize the beautiful side of the mind of a person.

No matter how callous or wicked a person would be there is still a place of care, love or philanthropical character in the mind- even if it’s little, the mind cannot be fully black.

However in secret, the beautiful side of the mind can be expressed to his/her love ones, spouse, pet or a particular thing. ” The mind cannot be fully black , it must have a stain of love

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“Buy an African Mixed Media Composition of Bead Painting and Fabrics [ Title- The Noble ]”

Dimension: 61.1cm/81.6cm

This artpiece is a mixedmedia composition of oil painting, fabrics [ denim, lining, tie-dye fabric ] and stitches. In my work of art a headless stylized figure in which a part of it wear a stitched fabric while the other part without fabric is design with repeated motifs including the background and a bead is painted around the neck of the stylized figure.

My title “The Nobles” is directed to the painted bead [ coral bead ] in my work, it is a documentation of the values of coral beads in Benin kingdom [ Nigeria- Africa ] in the days of my fathers.

Coral beads are made from raw corals which are hard red, pink or white substance built on the sea-bed by small sea creatures to protect their soft bodies.

Coral beads were introduced into the Benin kingdom in about the 15th century, at that time it was used by royalties, noble men/women because it was expensive and a symbol of royalty.

However, development and civilization has made coral’s to be used by everyone who can afford it. Despire civilization, coral beads is still invaluable in quality and a symbol of royalty, nobility and tradition etc in my society.

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“A Mixed Media Expression in Motifs, Patterns and African Cloths. [ Untitled]”

Dimension: 91.5cm/82.1cm

My artpiece is a mixed media composition of an African cloth stitched at the right upper side of my canvas and a cute repeated oil painting of motifs/patterns with values of red and blue is expressed to harmonize with the cloth in my painting.

Inspiration for this work of art was tapped from a cloth shop in my neighbourhood in Nigeria- Africa. One morning as I walked through my street I saw two decorative cloth in a shop that called my attention and I told myself- “Wow! I have to express this cloth on my canvas”.

According to the words of a friend- “A meal is sweeter to the mouth than with the eye”. So I made effort to buy the cloths because, it gave me a cultural and symbolic feeling.

Art lovers, this original art work is for sale at a very thoughtful price of $1000, to purchase the mixed media painting contact me through- raymonde234@yahoo.com

“Buy a Mixed Media Composition of African Fabrics and Oil Painting [ Title- To Match]”

This is one of my mixed media collection titled ”to match” with a dimension of 49.9cm/61.3cm. This work of art is a composition of various African brown fabrics, a chiaroscuro oil painting of an ear wearing a blue fabric ear-ring and a yarn stain with blue colour is used to stitch the composition, in order to harmonize the ear-ring with the various fabrics.

My inspiration for this art piece was drawn from the feminine quality [ i.e their mode of dressing]. Most women border so much on how to harmonize colours in their dressing eg, using a black hand bag with a black shoe/a blue scarf with a blue skirt etc. My art piece picture a lady trying “to match” her blue African fabric ear-ring with a brown dress.

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“Stylized Composition of Pretty Ladies in Vivid Colours [ Title- Omoge ]”

This art piece is a composition of geometric design and stylized figures with a dimension of 49.7cm/91.3cm. In my work I make use of stitches stain with yellow colours to harmonize the stylized figures with the geometric design in the background of my artwork.

My references for this composition is drawn from African idealistic,symbolic sculptural piece and 20th century abstract painters like Piet Mondrian,Picasso and George Braque based on their use of geometric shape and bold lines.

The title “Omoge” is a word used by the Yoruba tribe in my society [ Africa- Nigeria] to describe a young and pretty lady. In my work of art I express their attractive appearance on my two dimensional surface by the use of bold lines, vivid colours and dots. This original artwork is for sale at a very thoughtful price of $600, to purchase the painting contact me through- raymonde234@yahoo.com