Art of Life & Hope.

The vibrant, outstanding nature of Red its like life itself- so alive with hope, the presence of life in every being is the presence of hope. This mixed-media painting is an expression of life & hope. I which this work of art was bigger than this, like a dimension of 4ftĂ—5ft It would have been awesome. Imagining it on a wall, the environment where it is hang will be illumined with life & hope.

Pablo Picasso said, “God is really only another artist. He invented the giraffe, the elephant and the cat. He has no real style, He just goes on trying other things”. I desire to dwell in that kind of realm, just styleless, trying things differently and new. The basic distinct signature in my invention will be the expression of life & hope.


Living in My Imaginations

Sculpting with colours and yarns, ” sculpture is the best comment that a painter can make on painting ” Picasso, I started with few strands of yarn on my previous works but the hunger and the interest for it grew as I work. I spent days living in my imaginations of what I will achieve with the yarns in my art, the thought of it was really beautiful, exploring and unending.
The unfinished lines, the intertwining, the indefinite/wandering movement, the clustery nature that evolve is dynamic. My use of white & red is to intensify contrast and above all to reduce the wandering eyes, to give the eyes a place of rest in this mixed-media painting.

As I literally put this lines together in documenting the above mixed-media expression, my mind is continually painting a new imaginations inspired by works of El Anatsui. And I am bordered of the outcome, one thing for sure is that ” everything you can imagine is real” Picasso. So no matter how the outcome, its my reality.

Therapeutic to the Soul.

A mixed-media painting of colours and yarns on paper board is the artist dairy of daily living. “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life of your soul” Pablo Picasso, art is therapeutic to the soul, just like music, the reaction/result that emerges from the eyes to the brain is un-describable.
For me as the creator I wash my worries, doubt and fears into my paintings. In life there are so many things to think about both the ones you can change & the unchangeable. And they are never ending, you can keep thinking about them till one is six feet below or leave them in the hands of your Maker and channel your worries into your strength.
I don’t paint the way I feel because if I do, most of my paintings will be in blues and darks like in the Blue Period of Picasso but I choose to paint how I want to feel -futuristically, a feeling of hope, excitement, positivity, bliss, wealth……….


Faithfulness to the Passion.

I want to enjoy the dynamism in movement of the yarn in my painting it gives me a feeling of freedom, its like am loosen myself everyday as i put my visual imaginations into practice. Whatever is caught in the mind there is a possibility of it to be a reality, its just a matter of time, even with the absence of resources, environment, encouragement….. Your visual reality is always certain, keep doing your thing, never give up.
The presence of ropes in this painting and other of my works is a symbolical expression of continuity, consistency, faithfulness to the passion no matter what. If am not creating art or fashion than who am I? Am lost.


Bottled Expression

The mixed-media painting in series III, I felt like getting enough expression from various shades, values of brown hues. To an extend I have gotten enough from it through this series in mixed-media painting expression, this is my last on this series.
Anytime i finish works like this there is a feeling of satisfaction that runs through my mind, because I have been able to pour out a bottled expression or a successfully interpretation of a new imaginations, thoughts. It is a feeling of success, achievement. And it gives birth to chains of awesome ideas that are endless.


Solace In A Crazy World.

The Mixed-media painting series continues, this is the series II from my previous post. Created from paper board, yarn & acrylic. I love this words from Jackson Pollock- “The modern Artist….. Is working and expressing an inner world, in other words- expressing the energy, the motion and other inner forces” . Anytime I go through this lines it relate to my working spirit, it gives me the moral to justify how I create my art.
Every of my painting is a reflexion of my inner world- a world that have being built from positive and negative experiences. But I choose to paint my world in drama and beauty, because it is my escape route and solace in a crazy society


Memories, Old Feelings Expression 1.

A mixed-media painting on a paper board in three series, the above Art is the first of the series. It was inspired from my previous works of 2013 to 2014 which i reviewed recently and I combine my style at that time with my present style of working to create this. The process of creating this art woke some old feeling & memories which is expressed in this mixed-media art series I.
Any time I finish a new art, I joy the view of the art for some days, then I face the painting to the wall and I try to create a new piece that is better, more developed than the previous. So i see this art as my best presently.