A Genuine Work of Art: HEAD IN SERIES IV.

A genuine work of art from the soul- either in literal, visual or auditory form created is not only done for the present but for the future. Your environment or generations may not understand what you are expressing. But the future knows that you are a gate way to generations, to revolutionalize the arts. A genuine work of art lives forever, it never dies, it inspires the future.
Never stop inventing, exploring, experimenting new ways to express your own art through the view point of your mind. No matter what you are going through just keep doing your thing. Head in Series IV the title of the above work of art.

Unconventional Art: Head in Series III

An unconventional work of art is a deep study and interpretation of the artist reality, what he sees in front of him could be living or non living, the visual expression of it is his reality. And how he sees and want the object to be on the surface. “Every good artist paints what he is.” Jackson Pollock.
The above abstract painting on canvas, my own interpretation of the human head titled- Head in Series III.


THE MIND’S PORTFOLIO: Mixed-media Abstract Piece.

Being talented is inborn, being passionate about your talent or abilities is a decision. Developing, stretching your talent till it expound beyond normalcy it’s a concrete and life time decision which you have to contend and uphold with patience, consistency and dynamism.
For one to resolve to be and live as an artist is problematic. He wrestles with mental and physical issues like- acceptance, rejection, funding, originality, meeting basic needs……… Many artist give up and loss faith as they contend with the issues of being and living an artist.
I believe in the capability of passion, the inner feelings of satisfaction amidst forces that contend with being an artist, it fuels the inner strength. In all i take solace in the endowed portfolio of finished ,and unfinished paintings in my mind. I mentally visualize them hoping to bring them to my reality.
The above Mixed-media Abstract Piece is one of my reality from the mind’s portfolio. What you see, feel or imagine in the painting is your own title and definition.

Abstract African Painting: HEAD IN SERIES I.

Every brush stroke,
Every sketch,
Every display of colours,
Every figure or non-figurative expression,
It’s less than 30% of the artist imagination or ability.
Time, space, resources, inevitabilities & the artist himself…..
Are factors that stand against their prolific, flawless & dynamic creativity.
Anytime i create something new it gives birth to chains of ideas waiting to be explore.
I pray to my creator to give me the strength & privilege to express my dexterity in totality.
The above abstract painting is titled- Head in Series I. It is my first art on canvas this year, inspired by my wearable African art- Gidigba Label.

An Abstract Documentation.

abstract painting of colours

If am ask what is all these? what are you trying to telling your audience? i will say am enjoying, pleasing myself, interacting with my canvas in various moods. A true work of art is all about the artist and not the audience. Expressing what he or she thinks, feels inside and out.
A Deep Search in Space II, is the title of this Abstract piece of art. It’s a painting that document the artist search to unveil his true self.

Colours, Brush Strokes in Space.

abstract African painting on canvas

Title- A Deep Search in Space I, Dimension- 4ft/4ft. So much to express, it’s endless, before the application of colours and brush strokes on my space I ask myself, what should I express now? Should I express my pain, fear, happiness, love, hate, thoughts, societal issues/activities………………
There are so much to express, my deep search in space continues, it’s limitless.

Colourful, Abstract Mixed-media Art.

abstract and colourful mixed media art by Eghosa Raymond Akenbor

Art title- Human Form, the human form has always been a huge inspiration for artists from generation to generations, till the end of the world. The human form, God’s highest creation, God’s masterpiece, a totality of His image.
That is while artists spend countless hours, days studying the human form- in drawing, painting, modelling. Trying to understand it’s anatomical entity which is limitless and beautiful.
So much are on my mind to add to this post but I don’t know how to express them in words, my Abstract and Colourful Mixed-media Art has expressed them all visually.