Landscape Painting from the Archive of 2011

Title: The settlement

Dimension: 50cm/36.5cm

Medium: Poster colour Paint on Paper Board.

Year: 2011.

A designed landscape Painting from my archive of 2011. I can not really remember how i felt when creating this Poster Colour Painting but i love the art and the state of mind for designing this painting.






Junior Secondary School Students Designing with Colours

Photo shoot of my students( Junior Secondary School,J.S.S 1) in a Classroom Practical on Accidental Design with Poster Colour on a drawing sheet. The colourful design was achieve by folding a drawing sheet equally at the middle and its open back after folding. It is then spreed on a flat surface,different colour shades are added or drop on the both side of the folded paper.

The drawing sheet is folded back or close at the middle in other for the colour to mix together to create an accidental design and it is latter open. A kind of Butterfly Accidental Colourful Pattern was achieved.

The practical class was fun and interesting, just watching the young once get busy with all seriousness and their joy after the art was achieved.


Painting a Subtle Poster Colour Landscape Painting in Reds,Titled: The Colourful Story of Reds(3).

* Title: The Colourful Story of Reds(3)

* Medium: Poster Colour on Paper Board

* Dimension: 55cm/43cm

* Year: 2012

Among my Poster Colour Landscape Painting i posted previously on the title, The Colourful Story of Reds, this one was the first i painted among them all. And this is my last painting on this title. In creating this piece i was less excited compare to the other paintings on the title,i was careful and less expressive in designing this landscape. Because i was exploring Painting a Landscape in Reds.

In addition,I was trying to create a nature landscape of my own kind of colour concept i.e giving the foliage’s,the cloud a red hue and the earth or soil colour a green hue. At the end of the day i enjoy this Painting, the red was looking calm and subtle. It spored me to create the other two paintings on this title.

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Decorating a Gouache Landscape Painting in Reds,Titled: The Colourful Story of Reds(1)

* Title: The Colourful Story of Reds(1)

* Medium: Gouache(Poster Colour) on Paper Board.

* Dimension: 55cm/43cm

* Year: 2o12

I just want to paint nature with a colour concept that i felt at a particular time and moment. The moment of creating this colourful piece i was a bit tired and bored of coping nature and its colour. All I wanted at that moment was to paint nature in my own colour. Giving nature an awesome beauty. Just sit down,feel relax,listen,enjoy and view my Beautiful Decorated Stories of Reds.

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