De Artist Signature II

De Artist Signature II. The art is a rhythm of an artist mind made visible in colours & texture. The rhythm of the artist mind is inspired with undulating nature of life that comes with many phases that are sweet, sour, memorable……….


A Music of Aesthetics.

Still on my painting in series titled: Hunger for Aesthetics in Space VII. In this art every strokes, lines, imaginations reflect a soul of Aesthetics and a yearning of an artistic mind. In accordance to the words of Orhan Pamuk. “Painting is a silence of thought and the music of sight” i love those words, painting is a music of Aesthetics.
I want to create new art constantly, nonstop like the wind, like the sky which comes in different forms, effect and is transforming.

Art of Positivity.

The “Hunger for Aesthetics in Space V”, a continuation from the previous post. My works of art are futuristic – full with hope, beauty, sweetness, full of life, spirited, joy and happiness because that is how I feel and that is how I want to feel inside- POSITIVITY. And a hunger to create beauty on my canvas.
If I was to paint what I see and situations around me, my works will be muddy and dull. In the mist of situations the artist should make conscious effort to control the outcome of his or her production. No one want to live with a sad painting.