Biro Sketches of Concepts

new 1 Sketchnew 4 Sketchnew2 Sketchnew3 Sketchnew5 Sketchnew9 Sketch

I am still playing with the concept of my African Dolls, expressed with Biro Sketches on a drawing sheet. The sketches are more about exercising the mind, occupying time and getting my hands and brain busy. As I made these sketches, I am praying for time and materials in order to translate it into a large canvas painting.

Contemporary Biro Sketches of an African Concept

Sketches of African Concept 4Sketches of African Concept 1Sketches of African Concept.3African Sketch 1

These are Biro Sketches of my various concepts on African Dolls on a drawing sheet which I made last week. I have been thinking and working on changing my composition and expressing freedom, flexibility/innovation on the concept.

Since July 2012 I have not done any art piece on the subject “The African Dolls”. I was getting tired of my traditional style of painting the subject, and thinking of numerous ways to drawing/painting my subject. I don’t want the concept of this art to look boring with a particular style of composition.

The above sketches are more complex and interesting when it is expressed or translated with colours on a flat surface. The painting is imbedded with lines, shapes, Contrasting Values of Harmonious Colours on a flat surface, and African Imaginative Inscriptions and Motifs.

Check out next post for more sketches on my Imaginative Concept on African Dolls.

A Spontaneous Biro/Pen Sketches

These are sketches done from a tight schedule at work, i used my pen for forming lessons in my lesson note and a red pen for marking the note books and exams or text script of my students to create some Sketches on an A4 Paper.

The Sketches are Spontaneous, with out too much taught or plan. But just Sketching with the Flow of Lines, Space, Shape, Contrast, Memories, Imagination and Freedom. I am looking into the mind trying to Draw or Sketch out a Contemporary African Picture.