The Final Stage of a Colourful Mixed media Art.

0003Art 1Art 2Art 3Art 4The Finished Mixed media Art piece.

These are the photos of the final stages in my mixed media art, the application of colours to the rough textured surface in shapes and patches to express freedom. Not all areas in the canvas are cover with colours; some areas are left out creatively for the newspapers and mop strings to express its naturalness.

The art piece is about exploring movement and abstract thought of an artist. I started this painting with an idea of texture and colour not knowing the final out come. The finishing of the art is the expression of my colour concept in values, contrast and shapes.


Stages of a Mixed media Painting

Mixed media Art 10200203003

Mixed media Art in Progress. 1

These are my photo shoot of stages and materials i used in creating my mixed media art piece. Its kind of challenging snapping all this stages, most times i forget each stage, i just keep working till i get my desired result or effect that is when i remember that i have not snap that stage.

Its really challenging, i just want everyone to see the beginning and finishing of my interesting colourful painting. The above photographs are wet newspapers soaked on a bucket with water and its brought out from the bucket and glued to a canvas with liquid glue. Including thick wet strings from a discard mop.

It is then allow to dry for days depending on the sun, if there more sun it dries faster. As it dries i keep adding more thick glue till the newspaper and strings of the discard mop is harden and fasten to the canvas in other for durability. After the whole piece is dried then it is coated with light glue mixed with acrylic for the background colour.

That is all for this stage, check out the next post for the finished art piece.

The Mixed media Art of Rhythms

Festival of Rhythm and Patterns III call this art piece a festival of rhythm and patterns. A mixed media painting exploring newspapers and acrylic on canvas. One thing about this art piece is that it changes my initial idea and takes me to its own destination. The finished work is unpredictable, it keeps me at the edge until the work is finished.

I just want my viewers to get one or two message in the abstract/accidental display of texture and colour in this mixed media painting. Keeping the mind and eyes busy with imagery of thoughts.

A Poster Colour Landscape of Colourful Patterns.

Contemporary Decorative African Landscape Painting in Poster Colour(Gouache)This is a Poster colour Imaginative Landscape Painting of a home in the mist of Greens and Blue Foliage of Patterns and a Bright Colourful Sky of Designs.This is one of last landscape in 2012 with a dimension of 55.5cm/43cm.

The art piece is all about having fun with Different Accidental Designs and Shapes formed by my patches of colours on my flat surface.

An Acrylic Contemporary Mixed media Art.

un-convensional contemporary mixed media acrylic painting This art piece is explored with squeezed newspaper, acrylic on a canvas. I Create my art with out knowing how is going to end despair with an initial idea, but as i work on the art continually it brings me to its destination. Then i stop so that i would not over work the painting. Before working on this art piece my concept was to allow the newspaper express its natural colour in other to amplify texture effect and colours, in which i achieved.

The above art piece is titled the play ground. A ground full with expression of thoughts and freedom. Most times i find it difficult giving my art a title because they are mostly a body of Colourful Imaginative Designs which are determine by the space on the canvas.