The Creator’s Feelings.

Just the way my creator felt when he finished Creation in the book of Genesis 1:31 in the Bible. He saw his creation as very good. That was how I felt when I finished these Art Wears, it is a feeling of good, satisfaction, pleasant, so much joy inside of me.
And that is how I want the buyers to feel when they possess or wear my work of art. They are not just wearing an aesthetic wear but a part of the wholeness of my heart which is the feeling of Good, Satisfaction……..


Paint the Imagination on Cloth.

I paint the face or mask of my imagination on cloth, I have not being able to paint the whole of my imagination, I paint the parts & areas I am able to see & understand for the now. I don’t try to force it out, I just allow it to flow out naturally. Time and space will unveil them.
An artist/artiste cannot be able to uncover all his imagination because they are endless and bigger than him. He fights to understand how to express them all, he does his own part and lay the foundation or path way for generations to carry on.

The Artist Smile & Joy on Fabric.

The advent or conception of every design in the mind put a smile inside of me, as it metamorphosize into a defined picture waiting to be printed out from my mind. So I go about with this smile & joy inside of me in respective of short comings & limitations. With the knowing that something beautiful is about to be born- my brain child.
In a nutshell every of my Art on Fabric, canvas or any surface, is The Artist Smile And Joy.