My Warm Home.

My Warm Home, is the title of this abstract expression of space and a changing flow of designs from the artist soul. After finishing this painting I had issues titling it and nothing was coming to mind but a feel of warmness was what I felt after laying my last brush strokes.
It is a nonstop feel of a warm home in my heart to create endless works of art that stirs the imaginations and ask questions like- What is this artist thinking?


My Home in Blue

The top of this painting is me in advancing colours in orange, yellows, reds. It’s a concentration of my restless exploration of imaginations and the plain blue areas of the painting is a quite, calm place where I go to relax my head and refresh the mind to create a new imaginations. That is why I title this work of art- My Home in Blue

Community Rhythm II

Community Rhythm II, is the title of this new expression. It is an interpretation of how I feel when I view my African society in all it’s complexity and it’s richness. Due to dysfunctional issues surrounding us we mostly focus on the problems confronting our society which are enormous, it makes us never see anything positive in our community.

The above mixed-media expressional landscape painting is an inner positive feelings towards my community which is my mother land. Everything, everywhere can be so dark like the night and the day seems impossible but we have to stay positive. The best is yet to come.

Community Rhythm I

Standing on a high plane with the privilege of enjoying a landscape view of my community. The vegetation, the dynamic display of architectures, the patterns of roads as it intertwine the community together……. are so rhythmic – it’s an orchestra of colours and patterns. This mixed-media abstract painting on canvas was inspired by this rhythmic view and is titled – Community Rhythm I.


Aesthetic View, that is what I title this mixed-media painting on canvas. I started this art without the slightest imaginations that it will result like this, all that I picture in my subconscious as i create this painting was an art the one can accommodate in his or her dwelling. An artpiece that enlivens the soul, an art that express and translate the artist state of mind in colours, line, space and texture aesthetically.
The mixed-media art is not just painting it’s a design, a conversation in designs with the artist & the canvas.

THE CONVERSATION: Naturalistic Views

This is a mixed-media expressional art, it’s a conversation or interaction between me and the surface using aesthetic principles. The conversation between me & the surface is uninterrupted, it’s a conversation with a continuous flow endowed with sincerity, passion, love and soulful, with so much connection like that of two lovers.
The interaction ends when the both of us are satisfy. I title this piece Naturalistic Views.