Adorable African Proverbs and Wise Sayings from Chinua Achebe.


………. still in continuation from my previous post on the count down of Africa proverbs and wise sayings from the most celebrated African literature giant- Chinua Achebe. Anytime i read his works i always imagine painting his lines on a flat surface. There is one thing i learnt from his works, is the expression of the artists background, not trying to write like a European or an American but an African. For me that is extremely beautiful!

However just fill your eyes, read the lines, imagine the line, picture the lines, illustrate each words or lines, create and paint your own story from each of the proverbs. Please just read and enjoy……

·        “It is praise worthy to be brave and fearless, but sometimes it is better to be a coward. We often stand in the compound of a coward to point at the ruins where a brave man used to live.’’

·        Wisdom is like a goat skin bag; every man carries his own”.

·        If the lizard of the homestead should neglect to do the things for which its kind is known, it will be mistaken for the lizard of the farmland.”

·        “A boy sent by his father to steal does not go stealthily but breaks the door with his feet.”

·        When an old woman hears the dance she knows her old age deserts her.”

·         “It is only when you are close to a man that you can begin to smell his breath.”

·        “If a blind man does not know his own stick, tell me what else would  he know.”

·        “If you fail to take away a strong man’s sword when he is on the ground, will you do it when he gets up?”

·        When a mad man walks naked, it is his kinsmen who feel shame, not himself.”

·        “A goat does not eat into a hen’s stomach no matter how friendly the two maybe”

·        A man of worth never gets up to unsay what he said yesterday”

·        The inquisitive eye will only blind it own sight”

·        A man who does not lick his lips, can he blame the harmattan for drying them?”

·        If we fall back, can we complain that others are rushing forward?”

·        When suffering knocks on your door and you say there is no seat for him, he tell you not to worry because he has brought his own stool”

·        “What a man does not know is greater than he”

·        “Only a foolish man can go after a leopard with his bare hand”

·        “In dealing with a man who thinks you are a fool, it is good sometimes to remind him that you know what he knows but have chosen to appear foolish for the sake of peace”

·        “When we hear a house has fallen do we ask if the ceiling fell with it”

·        “The death that will kill a man begins as an appetite”

·        “If a man sought for a companion who acted entirely like himself, he would live in solitude”

·        “The greatest lair among men still speak the truth to his own son”

·        “A boy who tries to wrestle with his father gets blinded by the old man’s lion cloth”

·        “When brothers fight to death a stranger inherit their father’s estate”

·        “The man that brings anti-infested faggot into his hut should not grumble when lizard begin to pay him a visit”

·        “A disease that has never been seen before cannot be cured with every- day herbs”

·        “No matter how many spirits plot a man’s death, it come to nothing unless his chi (personal god), has a hand in the deliberation”

·        “A man who means to buy palm wine does not hang about at home until all the palm wine in the market is sold”

·        “The language of young men is pull down and destroy; but an old man speaks of conciliation”

·        “It is the fear of offence that makes men swallow poison”

·        “A man of sense does not go hunting little bush rodents when his age mates are after big game”

·        “No man however great is greater than his people”

·        Every lizard lies on its belly, so we cannot tell which has a belly-ache”


”Proverbs/Words of Wisdom from the African Literary Giant, Chinua Achebe.”


This is a count down of few of Chinua Achebe’s(An Africa’s Highly celebrated writer who past away on the 21 Match 2013) words of wisdom collected from his written works. Which was put together by the Nigerian Vanguard online Newspaper – . With out taking much time, just read, read in between the lines, enjoy African Proverbs in its splendor………..

* ‘‘Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter”.

* ”You cannot plant greatness as you plant yams or maize. Who ever planted an Iroko tree- the greatest in the forest? You may collect all the Iroko seeds in the world, open the soil and put them there. It will be in vain. The great tree chooses where to grow and we find it there….. so it is with greatness in men”.

* ” we cannot trample upon the humanity of others without devaluing our own. The Igbo, always practically put it concretely in their proverb Onye ji onye n’ ani ji onwe ya. ” He who will hold another down in the mud must stay in the mud to keep him down”

* ” If you want to eat a toad you look for a fat and juicy one”.

* ” An only palm fruit does not get lost in the fire”.

* ” A man who lives on the banks of the Niger(River) should not wash his hands in spittle”.

* ” When a new saying gets to the land of empty men, they lose their head over it”.

* ” The eye is not harmed by sleep”.

* ” We do not want to be like the unfortunate child who grows his first tooth and grow a damaged one”.

* ” Shall we kill a snake and carry it in our hand when we have a bag for putting things in”.

* ” If a man return from a long journey and no one says nno (welcome) to him, he feels like one who has not arrived”.

* ”A dept may get moldy but it never rots”.

* ” The most horrible sight in the world cannot put out the eye”.

* ” The sun will shine on those who stand, before it shines on those who kneel under them”.

* ” If a child washed his hands, he could eat with kings”.

* ” When the moon is shinning, the cripple becomes hungry for a walk”.

* ” An old woman is always uneasy when dry bone are mentioned in a proverb”.

* ” The lizard that jumped from a high Iroko tree to the ground said he would praise himself if no one else did”.

* ” Eneke the bird says that since men have learnt to shoot without missing he has learnt to fly without perching”.

* “Those Whose palm kernels were cracked for them by a benevolent spirits should not forget to be humble”.

* ” When a person say yes, his Chi (Personal god) says yes also”.

* ” A man that makes trouble for others also makes trouble for himself”.

* ” If one finger brings oil, it soil all the others”.

* ” When a man blasphemes what do we do? Do we go and stop his mouth? No. We put our fingers into our ears to stop us hearing”.

* ” As a man danced so the drums were beaten for him”.

* ” When a hand shake goes below the elbow, then know that it has turned into something else”.

to be continue………………………..

An Upcoming African Artists Published Internationally

International Contemporary Artists Vol.5 For some weeks I have not been able to published any post- is that am lazy, tired or am short of concept or ideas or occupied with my job as a fine art teacher. I would say i had so many things on my mind which held me from creating any post and even painting. But i told myself today that i must published something to the world, i hope i would be able to make sense with this post.

The above photo is a photograph of an art book titled International Contemporary Artists vol.6 . I was opportune to be selected for its recent publication which was published last month in May.

This is one of my biggest move or achievement i have ever made in my journey as an upcoming artists from Africa, Nigeria and i thank the almighty God for such a privilege to be published with other great talented artists from all around the world and I also thank every one for your motivational compliment which has inspired me to create new works of art.You can view the book on Am on page 11, this are my names Eghosa Raymond Akenbor.

My society is an environment where talents are not usually recognized and celebrated. They only recognize or celebrated talents that are identified by a white man, that is why my great heads from my country are been taken away to the white man’s world where they are been appreciated and used to develop their nation. And all this is affecting the development of Africa.

The media and newspapers talk about them, recognized them but they forget that at a time this persons was with them struggling to get recognition but he/she was never noticed. Until the effect of a white man….. Hmm am short of words. For me Africa is still under slavery, she don’t appreciate what she have.

However the struggle must continue till we get there. A special thanks for stopping by.

African Mixed Media Art of Colours and Designs

African Mixed Media Expression

Mixing the Colours and Painting

The Mixed media painting creation

The Mixed media painting creation 1

Painting with Imaginations and Intuitions.

Pouring all the sweet colours I can imagine in one art piece.

Creating an Art piece with an opportunity for my on-lookers to give their title and catch their imagination/message.

This African Mixed media of Colours and Designs is the last painting from my post on-‘‘ mixed media painting in progress”

An African Colourful Mixed media Art, Painting my Excitement for Colours.

African Mixed media of ColoursThis is one of the Colourful Mixed media Painting from my previous post on Mixed media painting in progress. The art is an Express of my Excitement for Colours. Last week i was able to rise some money to buy acrylic paints, because for some months now my palette has been devoid of colours. And it has really reduce my motivation to create new colourful large paintings.

Hmm! since the colour arrived at my studio I have been so so excited, I don’t mind painting all my favourite colours on one art piece, enjoying the flow, movement, harmony and the dynamic display of hues in its intensity, contrast and value.

In addition, the art is in a dimension of 86.5cm/89.6cm with medium in Newspapers, nets, canvas, acrylic. A big thanks for stopping by.

Another African Colourful Mixed media Painting of Reds

African Colourful Mixed media Painting of Reds


1 African Mixed media Painting in progress2 African Mixed media Painting in progress.

3 African Mixed media Painting in progress.

Another African Colourful Mixed media Painting of Reds, this is one of my new child, I gave birth to it recently let me say 6th of June 2013. It is among the work i posted on my previous post on Mixed media Painting in Progress. Working, Painting my Strokes of Colours in bits of values to arrive at a Finished Painting of my Imagination.

The art is a Fiesta of Reds on Display, a painting created with Medium in Newspapers, Net, Acrylic and Canvas.