African Artistic Fashion- Gidigba Label.

an African artistic fashion. Gidigba Label

Let the African art rock the body like crazy πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Let the art adore the body beautifully like roses.
Step out with Gidigba Label and be a celebrity with all eyes waiting to catch a glimpse of you.
Gidigba Label- an African Artistic Fashion.

African artistic fashion. Gidigba Label


Modelling the Wearable Art, by Gidigba Label.

Modelling the African wearable art(Gidigba Label). An art piece is appreciated when it is mounted or installed in a befitting environment there the eyes can feel its significance to the surrounding. Like wise fashion, a suitable body size explains the beauty of fashion.

African model and fashion, Gidigba Label

African art, fashion, modelling. Gidigba label

Occasionally I want the eyes to enjoy the African wearable art on a model, to see how it looks and fits. Photography was done by Nickart Impression

modelling the African wearable art. Gidigba Label.