An African Artistic Fashion Wear.

African artistic fashion wear
A creative combination of lines, spaces, colours and contrast are the totality of this art on cloth. A finished African Artistic Fashion Wear.


A CREATIVE STAGE: African Artistic Fashion.

painting on cloth processes, an African artistic fashion

Photos of a creative stage of an African art on cloth. An imaginary, intuitive and a spontaneous use of lines and spaces in gratifying my search for aesthetics on cloth- an African Artistic Fashion.

painting on cloth, African artistic fashion

A Mobile Art, that is what I call painting on cloth, it goes beyond been exhibited on the wall. But exhibited on bodies of homosapiens as they engage in their day to day endeavor. Check my next post on the finished African Artistic Fashion.

painting on cloth, African artistic fashion wear.

A CREATIVE STAGE: African Artistic Fashion Wear.

A creative stage of an art on cloth. The colours, patterns and motifs where inspired by the African traditional art in my country- like the calabash decorations, wall mural in the northern part of Nigeria, batik/tie &dye designing in the western areas of Nigeria……. These are my foundation or bases in creating this African Artistic Fashion Wear.

art on cloth, African artistic fashion wear
Check my next post for the finished piece of art- A blend of art & fashion.