A Spontaneous Biro/Pen Sketches

These are sketches done from a tight schedule at work, i used my pen for forming lessons in my lesson note and a red pen for marking the note books and exams or text script of my students to create some Sketches on an A4 Paper.

The Sketches are Spontaneous, with out too much taught or plan. But just Sketching with the Flow of Lines, Space, Shape, Contrast, Memories, Imagination and Freedom. I am looking into the mind trying to Draw or Sketch out a Contemporary African Picture.


A Vibrant,Colourful,Interesting African Hand-made Design Wear.

Creating a Colourful Design with freedom of not thinking about mistakes and errors but with a mind set of turning every error to design. Expressing movement with the flow of lines,space,contrast and colour on the African Hand-made design Cultural Wear.

Collections of Interesting Portrait Painting in Oil and Pastel.

These are Collections of Portraits in Pastel and Oil Paints from my archive of 2010. These Portrait Art piece was design during my NYSC ( National Youth Service Corp), it’s like a one year service to my nation after a higher institutional study. The collections of the art works were more than this, some got spoiled due to hard copy prints.