CONTEMPORARY MIXED MEDIA: Sculpting with Colours.

A New Modern, Contemporary Mixed media  Painting of Colours by Eghosa Ray Akenbor

A new Contemporary mixed media painting with medium in paper, acrylic on canvas with dimension in 4ft by 1ft. The painting is from my series of the title “Elegant Feeling”, this is the last of them all. Sculpting with sweet fresh colours to create imaginary forms, that is the concept.



Contemporary Mixed media Abstract Painting of Colours.

Contemporary, Abstract, Colourful Mixed media Painting.Titled-COMPOSITION XL. Artists- Eghosa Ray Akenbor

This Mixed media Painting is titled: Composition XL. I will say the title came out of the blue, after staring at the finish painting for hours and days. All that could emerge from my thought is COMPOSITION XL. The art is created from papers, acrylic on canvas. With a dimension of 82cm by 97cm.

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CONTEMPORARY MIXED MEDIA: Painting with Papers, Acrylic on Canvas.

Abstract Contemporary mixed media painting of Colours and Forms

Painting with Papers( newspapers etc ) and Acrylic on Canvas, the size of the art piece is 1ft by 4ft. It is my new Abstract mixed media painting in colours and forms. A body of work that expresses movement, imaginable forms and shapes, fresh hues of reds, hard edges and depth.

I decided to push my Experimental Painting from a flat surface of colours into a structure of colours that evolve life and keep the eyes of an individual working through it and around it. And its never ending.

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COLOURFUL MIXED MEDIA ART: Fusion of Painting and Sculpture

Combination of Sculpture and Painting.A Colourful   Mixed media Experimental Art.

An Elongated Colourful Mixed media Painting of forms/structures and fresh colours in a harmonious flow with a dimension in 1ft by 4ft. Created with Paper, Acrylic on canvas.

After finishing an art piece i ask myself what is the title of this work, i can’t really think of a title for most of my Abstract Mixed media Painting like this one. All that evolve through my mind is to document a Rich Imagination of Designs.

MODERN PAINTING: Colourful Mixed media on Cartridge Paper.

photo of a colourful mixed media art on cartridge paper

I explore space on my white surface to create this Modern Decorative Mixed media Painting. Using lines(faint/bold lines), accidental flow of black ink, shading and a Fresh Shade of Red which is used sporadically with intuition.

The art is created from a tight schedule, i don’t really have the time to paint a big canvas work. So I have to paint quick Abstract Colourful Mixed media Painting, at least to document my Daily Decorative Mind at a moment in time.

The mediums are pencil, charcoal, pen, maker, ink, acrylic, cartridge paper. With a dimension in 30cm/33cm.