An Episode In Red

I call this art- An Episode In Red. I do have a hard time creating with just a hue, this should be my first painting in one hue. I always feel inventing a piece of aesthetic with just one colour is not enough, a feeling of limitation keeps revolving inside of me, the impel to introduce other colours strikes my mind. Because the language of a painter is Hues.

Red, Red, Red, a very symbolic hue that has the greatest power of attraction, it expresses warmness, life, hope, danger, sex, emotions, passion, vitality……. Amongst all the characteristics of red listed, the above mixed-media painting is an interpretation of deep passion & vitality from my inner being.


Art of Life & Hope.

The vibrant, outstanding nature of Red its like life itself- so alive with hope, the presence of life in every being is the presence of hope. This mixed-media painting is an expression of life & hope. I which this work of art was bigger than this, like a dimension of 4ft×5ft It would have been awesome. Imagining it on a wall, the environment where it is hang will be illumined with life & hope.

Pablo Picasso said, “God is really only another artist. He invented the giraffe, the elephant and the cat. He has no real style, He just goes on trying other things”. I desire to dwell in that kind of realm, just styleless, trying things differently and new. The basic distinct signature in my invention will be the expression of life & hope.

Aesthetic Piece. Titled: Head in Series II

Title: Head in Series II. Size: 2ftx2ft.
Write, analyze the colours, the style or techniques, the compositional elements of designing a piece of art it’s not my basic interest to explore. But the imaginative feeling, the motivational spirit & force behind the creative aesthetic piece. It’s a magical feeling & force that cannot be express literally but visually.
“The modern artist…….is working & expressing an inner world- in other words- expressing the energy, the motion & other inner forces” Jackson Pollock.

Designing the African Wear with Lines

I am away from my canvas but close to fashion- painting on cloth and doing some sewing.

African fashion design wear in progress.....

A stage of one of my designing processes. I explore the simplify/dynamic aesthetics of lines. Line which is the foundation or skeletal form of every design. Just watching and feeling the movement of lines in motion.

a simple African ware, cloth design in colours and lines. 1

After finishing my African wear I felt like including more lines. I just have to live it at this.

a simple African ware, cloth design  in colours and lines. 2

Art Coaster Task: titled- “Kultural Black Flowers”

Kultural flowers in black by Akenbor Eghosa Raymond

It’s beautiful and a privileged for me to be part of a philanthropic project like this- Art Coaster Task, organized by an Austrian Contemporary Artists- Monika Mori. A post card show in which the proceeds goes to The Sterntalerhof, a philanthropic organization. In which I felt honored to be part of, because a talent or gift is given by God for one to add value to human life.

Black flowers was the theme of the project which I was interesting to me but I found the task a bit challenging because of the small sized surface. When one is used to designing on a large space, painting on a small surface becomes constraining. However I was able to open my mind to the surface and played and danced with lines, motifs, shape and space…. to painting my illustration titled- Kultural Black Flowers.