An Artistic Gift

A Pastel portrait on paper board with a dimension of 20 by 24inches. It is an artistic gift to a special woman with a timeless beauty on her 50th birthday.

The picture reference for the art.


Aesthetic Piece. Titled: Head in Series II

Title: Head in Series II. Size: 2ftx2ft.
Write, analyze the colours, the style or techniques, the compositional elements of designing a piece of art it’s not my basic interest to explore. But the imaginative feeling, the motivational spirit & force behind the creative aesthetic piece. It’s a magical feeling & force that cannot be express literally but visually.
“The modern artist…….is working & expressing an inner world- in other words- expressing the energy, the motion & other inner forces” Jackson Pollock.

Designing the African Wear with Lines

I am away from my canvas but close to fashion- painting on cloth and doing some sewing.

African fashion design wear in progress.....

A stage of one of my designing processes. I explore the simplify/dynamic aesthetics of lines. Line which is the foundation or skeletal form of every design. Just watching and feeling the movement of lines in motion.

a simple African ware, cloth design in colours and lines. 1

After finishing my African wear I felt like including more lines. I just have to live it at this.

a simple African ware, cloth design  in colours and lines. 2

Art Coaster Task: titled- “Kultural Black Flowers”

Kultural flowers in black by Akenbor Eghosa Raymond

It’s beautiful and a privileged for me to be part of a philanthropic project like this- Art Coaster Task, organized by an Austrian Contemporary Artists- Monika Mori. A post card show in which the proceeds goes to The Sterntalerhof, a philanthropic organization. In which I felt honored to be part of, because a talent or gift is given by God for one to add value to human life.

Black flowers was the theme of the project which I was interesting to me but I found the task a bit challenging because of the small sized surface. When one is used to designing on a large space, painting on a small surface becomes constraining. However I was able to open my mind to the surface and played and danced with lines, motifs, shape and space…. to painting my illustration titled- Kultural Black Flowers.

Imaginative African Motifs, patterns on Red fabric.

Abstract African painting, design on fabric. 2

Expressing my imaginative African abstract motifs, patterns on sewn fabric in red. This is like my first time painting on a red fabric, I had challenges thinking of how to go about it because of the vibrant nature of the hue. So I worked with a lot of contrasting colours like cool colours (blue, green, purple) and black for the designs to stand out and it came out well.

To crown it all the owner loved it.

Abstract African painting, design on fabric.

Designing, Painting the African Wear.

African art on fashion. Painting on cloth

Designing the African Wear. This aesthetical top is one of my favourite design and the most interesting story about this work of art is that it was done when I was a bit down. To my surprise it came out well. I see art as an environment where an artists or artiste can exhaust their pain, sorrow, happiness, feelings ……… whether the output is beautiful or not. It is a documentation of the heart.

check out the photos of the designing processes………

African art and fashion. Painting on cloth process. 1

African art and fashion. Painting on cloth process. 2

African art and fashion. Painting on cloth process. 3

African art and fashion. Painting on cloth process. 4

African art and fashion. Painting on cloth process. 5