Colourful Miniature Mixed media Painting on Chipboard.

Colourful and Brilliant Miniature Mixed media Painting by Akenbor Eghosa Raymond

This is one of work created during my long break offline, it is just another of my daily free style expression in colours(Acrylic), buttons on chipboard with a dimension in 40cm by 20cm but, with a deep sense of composition.

I rarely paint Miniature Paintings especially mixed media. I do them when i am short of materials or resources for working, so i manage to create small sized works to express how I feel at a moment. I love painting big size works because it gives me a lot of room to pour out my Decorative Thoughts.

However, I try to do that through this Colourful Miniature Mixed media Painting, when am short of resources for working.


Lovely Collage Paintings, By Junior Secondary School Students.

From Nigeria Good Evening everyone, is been along time, it’s all most a month i have been offline. I had some challenges but is all fine now, i apologizes to all my viewers. So expect New, Fresh, Expressive, Natural and Creative Artworks Post.

The paintings below are Colourful Collage Works from my students- Junior Secondary School (J.S.S 1) from Baptist High School, Benin city, Edo state, Nigeria. Enjoy some of their works………

Painting with broken bottles,glass by Nigerian junior secondary school  students in Edo state on a board.

This collage painting is created with broken bottles glued to a hard board.

Match sticks Collage Painting on Board by Nigerian junior Secondary School students in Edo state.

A lovely Collage Painting created from match sticks and seed glued to a hard board.

Bead collage painting on board by  junior secondary school students from Nigeria in Edo state.

A Collage Painting created with Beads glued to a board.

A collage painting on board,with medium- rice,buttons, beads, broom sticks. Collage art by Nigerian junior secondary school students in Edo state.

This Collage Painting is Experimental and Interesting, it is made of different medium like Beads, Broom Sticks, Buttons and rice glued on a hard Board.

photos of Nigerian junior secondary school  students in Edo state.

I hope you enjoy our works. Thanks for stopping by.

Experimental Mixed media Painting on Colours

Contemporary colourful mixed media painting from Africa

This is an experimental mixed media painting on colours, which is the concept. I just want to be dramatic about my colours in Variety, freshness, values and shades. The colours are expressed with out limit, just in continuity till am tired. But with a focal point.

The art is titled- Modern Gbedu, it means a modern dance or party. Dimension- 81cm/81.5cm, Medium- Papers. Acrylic and canvas.