Biro Sketch of African Concept in Motifs,Symbols,Patterns and Designs

As the concept hits the mind sketch it out don’t wait for long, it might disappear like the wind. Put it down as it is fresh,whether it make sense or not just put it down, a time will come when you will make good use of it.

Explore the mind, tap into the Subconsciousness. The mind is like an elastic being, it can expound to any extend you want it to, there is no limit. i see concept or idea as an unborn child, give birth to it, nurture and nourish it to adult hood.

Pay less attention to critics, obstacles mistakes and failures, they structure your concept to grow like a perfect being. Don’t give up keep doing your thing, you are almost there just a little push.


The Sleeping Innocence.

These are photo shoots of my little niece having a quiet and a Peaceful Sleep. Sleeping with an innocent,beautiful and a pure mind. Sweet dreams from your uncle………………….

A Bright and Colourful Acrylic Painting of African Flamenco Guitar.

This is another art piece that Colourfully Express the Flamenco Guitar in an African concept. I actually put in this art work for a Spanish art competition organized by the Nigeria Spanish Embassy, with a title “Sharing a common heritage“.

I try to paint one of the Spanish heritage in an African Hereditary Concept of it’s Ancestral and Decorative Art of Symbols,Patterns and Motifs Designing. The Spanish Guitar or Flamenco Guitar which is similar to the classical guitar used in toque, the guitar playing is part of The Art of Flamenco which is their heritage.

The Acrylic art piece was selected in the first stage, final selection for the first position is coming up in the month of October. I am hopeful and positive for the best.

A Cute African Cultural Bishop Collar Long Sleeve Wear.

An African Decorative Designed Bishop Collar Wear, it is a combination of two fabric. A Plane Black fabric and a Green African Tie & dye(Adire) Fabric with Inner Designs/Patterns of red. And a Customized Hand made Display of Repeated Motifs in Red and Gold on the African Cultural Bishop Collar Long Sleeve wear.

Just another African Customized Fashion.

An African Colourful Still Life Painting.

This art piece is titled- The Wine Bottle,Flowers and Apple. Medium- Acrylic,Newspaper,Canvas. Year-2012.

An artist spend donkey years trying to define his/herself or search for his/her own style or techniques. A style that would express the unique mind of the artist in toto. When i created this art piece i felt like am getting closer to what i really want to express as my style. But am still working to unlock what i think and feel about art.

As an Artist i have always imagine or picture my art as a work to be full with freedom, complexity/deep but simple, colourful, with a dramatic effect and a strong message. I am still experimenting to achieve all this qualities.

Children at work,Designing with Colourful Papers in a Drawing Book.

These are photo shoots of one of the Paper Collage Practical Class i had with my students some months ago. They are First Grade Junior Secondary School Students expressing their creative ability in their drawing book using Colourful Papers to Create a Leaf Pattern or Design.

I call this- Children at Work, because when i look at them during their practical class i laugh inside of me, most of them are so serious with their work as if it is a life project. And all they need to hear is encouraging and motivational words to keep them working.

Working with children can be very entertaining and interesting because it is an opportunity to feel and experience the Beautiful and Natural Pure Mind of a Child before it’s been diluted by the things of this word. I also enjoy their mischievous and funny ways. Hmm, before i forget working with these little ones can also be very challenging and energy taking. However, it’s still fun.

An Adorable Acrylic Painting of an African Spanish Flamenco Guitar

Title: The African Flamenco Guitar  Medium: Acrylic on a Textured Canvass by Wood Dust.  Size: 61cm/50cm  Year: 2012.

Painting the Spanish Flamenco Guitar with an African Cultural Concept of Idealistic African  Patterns, Motifs and symbols. I imagine Striking the Strings of a Spanish Guitar, all i could hear is an African Cultural and Traditional Sound.

It’s kind of strange but is possible. The sound would be strange, unique and beautiful. Hmm, i wish i could experience it, however it’s my imagination.